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       Welcome to Deep Run Roadhouse.  I would first like to mention that it is an absolute honor to open a restaurant in the neighborhood where I grew up.  I attended the closest public schools and attribute much of my career to the Culinary Arts Program at Hermitage Technical Center.  After school, I took my career in the restaurant industry very seriously and set forth to be the best chef I could be.  I remained in Richmond through-out my career and have held chef positions in the area's finest restaurants.  These establishments were all locally owned and had very talented chef/owners, that worked very hard.  These family-owned restaurants taught me the importance of hospitality, attention to detail, and creating an exciting, flavorful, and unique menu.  I cooked fine dining my whole life, until I discovered the art of BBQ. In 2009, I opened Alamo BBQ in Church Hill and realized affordable and comforting food appealed to a lot larger audience (especially friends and family).  What my audience wants to eat became my favorite thing to cook.  

         Alamo BBQ's success is a testament to the fact Richmond Loves BBQ with comfort  food coming in a very close second.  The two cuisines go hand in hand and are loved by all.  Deep Run Roadhouse will proudly offer the very best of both.  I enjoy cooking for everyone and will provide delicious offerings for all cravings or diets.  Our smoked portabello mushrooms, soups, salads and fresh made sides will satisfy any vegetarian or BBQ lover.  All of our menu items will be prepared daily, utilizing the freshest, local ingredients.  We will endeavor to be your favorite neighborhood eatery and dining destination. 

"Never think you're smarter than the food you cook, or the people you cook for."

Paul Hubbard
Owner/ Chef

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